GPUMLib  0.2.2
GPU Machine Learning Library
Here is a list of all modules:
 Common framework
 Deep Belief Networks device (GPU) class
 Deep Belief Networks Host (CPU) class
 KMeans Clustering Functions class
 KMeans Clustering kernels
 Back-Propagation class
 Back-Propagation and Multiple Back-Propagation kernels
 Multiple Back-Propagation class
 Host (CPU) and device (GPU) memory access framework
 Non-negative Matrix Factorization classes
 Non-negative Matrix Factorization kernels
 Resource Allocating Network kernels
 Resource Allocating Network class
 Random Generator
 Radial Basis Function Network class
 Radial Basis Functions Network functions.
 Radial Basis Functions Network kernels
 Restricted Boltzman Machine Host (CPU) class
 Restricted Boltzman Machine (GPU) class
 Reduction framework
 Support Vector Machines class