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Base class for all Non-Negative Matrix Factorization classes. More...

#include <BaseNMF.h>

Inheritance diagram for NMF:
NMF_AdditiveDivergence NMF_AdditiveEuclidian NMF_MultiplicativeDivergence NMF_MultiplicativeEuclidianDistance

Public Member Functions

HostMatrix< cudafloatGetW ()
HostMatrix< cudafloatGetH ()
HostMatrix< cudafloatGetWH ()
virtual void DoIteration (bool updateW=true)=0
cudafloat QualityImprovement () const
 Gets the quality improvement caused by the last iteration.

Protected Member Functions

void DetermineQualityImprovement (bool calculateWH)
 NMF (HostMatrix< cudafloat > &v, int r)
 NMF (HostMatrix< cudafloat > &v, HostMatrix< cudafloat > &w, HostMatrix< cudafloat > &h)

Protected Attributes

DeviceMatrix< cudafloatV
DeviceMatrix< cudafloatW
DeviceMatrix< cudafloatH
DeviceMatrix< cudafloatWH

Detailed Description

Base class for all Non-Negative Matrix Factorization classes.

Definition at line 40 of file BaseNMF.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void DoIteration ( bool  updateW = true)
pure virtual

Do an algorithm iteration. Adjusts W and H matrices.

updateWIndicates if the matrix W is updated (by default yes).

Implemented in NMF_MultiplicativeEuclidianDistance, NMF_AdditiveEuclidian, NMF_MultiplicativeDivergence, and NMF_AdditiveDivergence.

HostMatrix<cudafloat> GetH ( )

Gets the H matrix

the H matrix

Definition at line 126 of file BaseNMF.h.

HostMatrix<cudafloat> GetW ( )

Gets the W matrix

the W matrix

Definition at line 120 of file BaseNMF.h.

HostMatrix<cudafloat> GetWH ( )

Gets the approximation, given by WH, to the matrix V

the approximation, given by WH, to the matrix V

Definition at line 132 of file BaseNMF.h.

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