GPUMLib  0.2.2
GPU Machine Learning Library
NMF Member List

This is the complete list of members for NMF, including all inherited members.

DetermineQualityImprovement(bool calculateWH) (defined in NMF)NMFinlineprotected
DoIteration(bool updateW=true)=0NMFpure virtual
H (defined in NMF)NMFprotected
NMF(HostMatrix< cudafloat > &v, int r) (defined in NMF)NMFinlineprotected
NMF(HostMatrix< cudafloat > &v, HostMatrix< cudafloat > &w, HostMatrix< cudafloat > &h) (defined in NMF)NMFinlineprotected
QualityImprovement() const NMFinline
V (defined in NMF)NMFprotected
W (defined in NMF)NMFprotected
WH (defined in NMF)NMFprotected