GPUMLib  0.2.2
GPU Machine Learning Library
HostMatrix< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for HostMatrix< Type >, including all inherited members.

BaseMatrix(StoringOrder storingOrder=RowMajor) (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >inlineprotected
Columns() const BaseMatrix< Type >inline
columns (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >protected
Dispose()HostMatrix< Type >inlinevirtual
Elements() const BaseMatrix< Type >inline
HostMatrix(StoringOrder storingOrder=RowMajor)HostMatrix< Type >inline
HostMatrix(int rows, int columns, StoringOrder storingOrder=RowMajor)HostMatrix< Type >inline
HostMatrix(const HostMatrix< Type > &other)HostMatrix< Type >inline
HostMatrix(const DeviceMatrix< Type > &other)HostMatrix< Type >inline
HostMatrix(HostMatrix< Type > &&temporaryMatrix)HostMatrix< Type >inline
Init() (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >inlineprotected
IsRowMajor() const BaseMatrix< Type >inline
matrixData (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >protected
MoveFrom(BaseMatrix< Type > &other) (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >inlineprotected
operator()(int row, int column)HostMatrix< Type >inline
operator()(int row, int column) const HostMatrix< Type >inline
operator=(const HostMatrix< Type > &other)HostMatrix< Type >inline
operator=(const DeviceMatrix< Type > &other)HostMatrix< Type >inline
operator=(HostMatrix< Type > &&temporaryMatrix)HostMatrix< Type >inline
Pointer() const BaseMatrix< Type >inline
ReplaceByTranspose()BaseMatrix< Type >inline
ResizeWithoutPreservingData(int rows, int columns)BaseMatrix< Type >inline
Rows() const BaseMatrix< Type >inline
rows (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >protected
storingOrder (defined in BaseMatrix< Type >)BaseMatrix< Type >protected
TransferOwnerShipFrom(HostMatrix< Type > &other)HostMatrix< Type >inline
Transpose()HostMatrix< Type >inline
~HostMatrix()HostMatrix< Type >inline